>What email services does MailOntime work with?

MailOnTime works with the following email providers: Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, iCloud, Aim and Exchange.

>Is MailOnTime secure?

Yes! We want to make sure our users feel comfortable using MaiOnTime. For this, user information is fully encrypted for maximum security.

>What is the meaning of each one of the four email status colours in the saved mails page?

The saved mails page will let you monitor your outgoing emails in an efficient way. There are four possible status colours in the saved mails page that will inform you if the email has been sent, has been opened, is still a draft or has been scheduled but not sent:

  • Red: email has been scheduled to be delivered but not sent
  • Green: email has been sent and opened
  • Orange: email has been sent but not opened
  • Blue: email has been saved as a draft
>Can I edit emails that have already been scheduled but not delivered?

Yes. If you schedule the delivery of an email and you decide you want to change the content or the parameters, you can edit the previously scheduled email. Go to your saved mails page and click on a scheduled email. You will have the option of editing or deleting the email.

>Does MailOnTime offer auto-correct?

Yes. You can activate and deactivate autocorrect in the settings page of the app.

>Does MailOnTime upload contacts and groups that were created in my mailbox?

Yes. MailOnTime uploads (with your consent) your hard and soft contacts. If you have a Gmail account, you will also be able to upload your mailing groups created from your mailbox.

>Does MailOnTime still deliver emails if the phone is switched off or out of range?

Yes. This is one of the cool features of MailOnTime. Have your mails delivered even if your device is off or out of range. Give it a try!